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Research shows 29.9% of people would prioritise an employer who provides health programs

Latest Australian research confirms employees want corporate health programs and employers need them.

Australia lags behind other countries when it comes to adopting workplace health programs. Findings from recent research, however, will hopefully change that. A national health survey found that almost 1/3 of working age Australians have at least 1 of the 8 selected chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes. And the annual cost to Australian employers resulting from high absenteeism and poor employee health – $34bn.

Not only do employers increasingly recognise the value of addressing the health of their employees but almost 1/3 of employees consider an employer “one of choice” if they provide health programs.

The research has confirmed what we have always known, the key drivers of wellness programs include improving productivity, reducing absenteeism, attraction and retention of key staff, corporate responsibility and engagement – all of which are particularly important in the challenging economic times we are facing at present.

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*Source: Workplace wellness in Australia: Aligning action with aims: Optimising the benefits of workplace wellness. Medibank Health Solutions & PwC 2010

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