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Research proves that managers would benefit from health programs

According to a recent analysis of more than 1890 full and part time workers, managers had comparatively higher levels of drinking (26.4% with high alcohol intake), low fruit and vegetable intake (47.5%) and approximately 70% were physically inactive. These findings meant that managers were behind only technicians/trades and machinery operators/drivers in terms of the number of health risk factors they had (43% had 3 or more health risk factors).

Executive Health Solutions has performed health assessments for more than 50,000 executives. We analyse a number of important health measures including those assessed in this study as well as Cholesterol, Glucose, Blood Pressure, BMI, Exercise, Stress and much more. As part of our reporting process we compare the individuals result to Australian norms and to our database of 50,000 records which provides the EHS average.

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Source: Too many managers lead way on poor health. Sydney Morning Herald, 2nd November 2012.

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