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Studies reveal the economic benefits of Corporate Health Programs

Corporate Health Programs are critical for maximising performance, particularly in volatile economic times.

The ongoing volatility of the world economy continues to place significant pressures on organisations to drive productivity and performance. For some organisations improvements are critical to staying in business and as such incorporating/continuing wellness programs are one such way you can stay in the game and maintain your competitive advantage. Corporate health programs are proven to improve engagement, retention, productivity and performance – all of which are essential to maximising corporate viability.

In recent years a world first study was conducted to measure the economic impact of sick workers, finding unequivocally that business would benefit by taking better care of their key employees to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. Findings revealed that the cost of presenteeism to business was almost 4 times that of absenteeism. The study revealed the following:

  • 53% of staff took one or more days off work in the last four weeks,
  • 77% had gone into work while suffering a health problem – 88% of these said they felt less productive
  • The average productivity loss per employee from presenteeism is 2.54% which equates to a loss of 6 working days per employee per year[1].

Depression, allergies, hypertension and diabetes have been revealed as the leading contributors to presenteeism – all of which can be identified and managed by undertaking a comprehensive health assessment and management program.


[1] Medibank Private (2007) Sick at Work. The cost of presenteeism to your business, employees and the economy.

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