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The key components of an Executive Health Program to positively impact your company

With recruitment and training costs of new executives estimated to be 2.5 times the executive wage and 2 times the manager’s wage, ensuring executives with health risks are under appropriate care and ongoing treatment reduces the likelihood of long term absenteeism and the associated costs to companies.

Other key drivers include;

  • The attraction, engagement and retention of key staff
  • The facilitation of lifestyle improvements through targeted interventions
  • Enhancing the productivity of the workforce and reducing absenteeism costs.
  • Reducing workers compensation and salary continuance premiums.

Typically in Australia, Best Practice Executive Health programs include;

  • The completion of an online questionnaire regarding personal and family history, lifestyle habits and signs and symptoms of illness or disease
  • NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) Accredited Fasting Pathology covering a range of tests including lipids, organ function tests and gender specific tests
  • Comprehensive medical assessment performed by qualified medical practitioners aimed at identifying health risks and educating regarding lifestyle habits
  • Physiological tests such as Electrocardiograms, Stress Tests and Lung Function
  • Consultation with an Exercise Physiologist regarding diet and exercise
  • The Offer of Post assessment intervention programs to assist behaviour change (Health Coaching, Nutrition Consultations)
  • Report of findings for individual and aggregated reports for the company.

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