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The positive effects of regular physical activity for individuals and companies

A recent study performed in Australia by Professor Paul Taylor at Swinburne University’s Brain Institute identified several positive effects of regular physical activity for both individuals and companies.


This small clinical trial showed that office based employees who gained 10,000 steps a day (up from the usual 2000-3000) demonstrated improved energy levels, alertness and dealt with anger and stress more effectively. When vigorous exercise was added a few times per week, improvements were more pronounced including a 4% brain function increase.


The benefit for companies was calculated using the Harvard University’s Productivity Questionnaire which estimated that each member of the exercise group contributed an additional $2,500 in productivity per annum.


The key message from this study is simple; workplaces that encourage employees to incorporate activity into their day will have healthier, happier and more productive employees. Workplaces can assist employees in being more active through ensuring suitable change-room facilities are available, flexible work hours, top down encouragement and structured health programs that encourage non-exercisers to participate.

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