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EHS gains significant media coverage on the release of the Executive Health Index and its findings

Print, online and TV coverage of the Inaugural Executive Health Index and its findings circulated to more than 186,000 people. Here is a list and links to some of these articles:

The Sydney Morning Herald - Executives in legal sector most healthy overall, but rank low on mental health 

Australian Financial Review - Unique index ranks the health of Australian executives across 20 industries 

Australian Financial Review (Business) - Consultants feel the psychological pressure most among executives

HRD online - Which sectors have the healthiest executives? 

Business Insider - Australia's healthiest, and unhealthiest, executives 

Accountants Daily - Accountants top psychological tests, falter on health and lifestyle 

CEO Magazine - Legal eagles rule the roost when it comes to health 

Channel 9 Today Show - Report shows big health divide between blue and white collar workers

Layers Weekly - Legal executives’ physical health belies high stress levels 

Several others had articles covering the findings including

The Canberra Times

Brisbane Times

WA Today

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