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How to make 2024 the year you achieve your new year’s resolutions

Are you someone who creates new year’s resolutions each year but struggles to achieve them? Maybe you’re determined that this year will be different. Whilst the new year can be a great opportunity to set yourself goals, without a proper plan this does not always eventuate. Today we are giving you our top tips to make sure 2024 is the year you achieve your new year’s resolutions. 

Step 1. Break your goal down into small achievable steps

When it comes to goal setting, we often aim to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be in the shortest time possible. Whilst this may seem achievable in theory, in practice it’s often not so simple. If you want to successfully achieve your new year's resolutions, the first step is to break them down into more achievable milestones. Depending on your goal, you may choose to break it down into quarterly, monthly or even weekly steps to make it seem more achievable. For example, your goal may be to run 20km per week by the end of the year. If you are currently not running regularly, then jumping straight to 20km per week can feel overwhelming. Instead, why not aim for an additional 1-2km per fortnight until you reach your goal. This not only sets you up to achieve your goal in the estimated timeframe, but it also gives you some flexibility for the weeks when things don’t go to plan.


Step 2. Track and reward your progress along the way

Once you have broken down your goal into milestones, it is important to track your progress to ensure your goal is achieved within the planned timeframe. This not only allows you to keep yourself on track, but if things aren’t going to plan then your schedule or goal can be adjusted to support your success. For example, if you’re aiming to run an additional 1-2km per week, you may start tracking your runs on a smart watch or phone app, or alternatively you might make a note in your diary so you can keep track each week. Some individuals also like to reward their progress to keep motivation high. For example, you may decide to buy yourself some new running shoes when you reach 10km per week.


Step 3. Be realistic!

We all want to achieve our goals as quickly as possible, but depending on your goal and life-stage, your ideal timeline may not always be realistically achievable. By setting a goal and/or timeline that is realistic, you are more likely to be successful and enjoy the process of getting to your goal. When setting your goal and first few milestones, it can be helpful to set the bar where it’s easily achievable. Not only does this increase confidence and therefore momentum to continue your progress, but it also helps you to get into a new routine which you can continue to build on over time.


If you’re looking to build on these steps with some personalised assistance and achieve your 2024 new year’s resolutions, then book an appointment with our health coaches now!


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