Health Management Programs

EHS has a number of health management programs designed to help executives achieve their long term health goals. These include: health coaching, nutrition consultations, psychology programs and personal training.

Health Coaching

The Executive Health Coaching program is a research based, quality intervention that provides individuals with the necessary tools to make long term health behaviour change.

The program consists of a series of one-on-one personalised health coaching sessions with one of our degree qualified health coaches. The coach will work with clients to help implement, monitor and maintain lifestyle goals using a variety of positive psychology and coaching techniques. With a strong emphasis on identifying and overcoming barriers, the Executive Health Coaching program is unique in the Australian corporate health market.

When coupled with a health assessment, Executive Health Coaching provides an end-to-end solution for the management and improvement of health risks. This program is a wonderful opportunity for participants to have individualised attention and support to achieve their often lifesaving goals – a win-win situation for them and the company.


Nutrition Consultations

EHS has a nutrition consultation option included in our EHS Health Connect programs. These consults are typically used by executives with specific queries regarding clinical measures such as cholesterol or blood pressure or for information regarding nutrition and hydration for sports events.

Our Dietitians and Nutritionists have extensive experience in dealing with achieving positive changes for people who are time poor but need to make sustainable changes within their demanding lifestyles. Nutrition consultations are an excellent alternative for those executives with health risks who are unable to commit to a three month coaching program.

Psychological Health Program

EHS doctors use the validated tools in their consultation to clinically assess participants’ psychological wellbeing and discuss any issues that the participants my be experiencing. Our protocols include indicators for referral to psychological counselling or treatment where necessary.

EHS recognises that stress and depression are issues in the corporate workforce that require specialist intervention. We have therefore developed a psychology program component as part of our Health Connect program options. The psychologists used are handpicked due to their specialised experience in dealing with an executive workforce.

Personal Training

The Executive Kick Start Program is specifically targeted at the executive workforce and is aimed at those who would like to increase their activity levels, improve energy levels, target specific injuries or lose some weight. We use only degree qualified exercise professionals who are experienced trainers and can provider individual or group sessions. These sessions will be organised with the individual and performed in the CBD area at times that suit the executive and the trainer.

81% of executives are considering changing their diet
due to their EHS assessment (based on 2500 feedback)

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