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The health of your key people is vital to the success of your business and the best investment you can make – minimising absenteeism, maximising productivity, better attraction and retention. Our mission is to optimise the health, wellbeing and productivity of executives through comprehensive health assessments and targeted lifestyle interventions.

Our integrated programs involve comprehensive medical and lifestyle screenings with ongoing care that targets the individuals identified health risks. These are known as EHS Health Connect programs.

The purpose of our program structure is to offer an end-to-end solution that is time efficient, convenient, seamless and solution based. Our assessment process is illustrated below.

Our health management programs are delivered to hundreds of Australia’s corporations including Macquarie Bank, Westpac, Clayton Utz, Minter Ellison, UBS and Aurizon as well as many small to medium sized enterprises, state and federal government departments and sole traders. We develop and design evidence based programs that deliver real outcomes to executives and their companies.

Our Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Health Coaches are degree qualified health professionals chosen by Professor Ron Penny AO due to their professional ability, years of experience and excellent communication skills.

Our Assessment process

Online Questionnaire

Covers areas such as family history, personal history, psychological health, sleep, signs and symptoms and personal lifestyle choices.


Our pathology is the most comprehensive in the market and meets best practice guidelines. Our St Vincent’s Clinics results can be provided during the consultation.


Choice from a number of assessments – all are preventative measures aimed to identify health risks so that they can be appropriately addressed.


Comprehensive individual report outlines results and includes recommendations for improvements with comparative data included.

Health Management Program

Individual is triaged into one of four targeted programs: health coaching, psychology program, personal training and/or nutrition consultations.

EHS Ongoing Care

Ongoing care with our physicians to review results and assist with action plans.

it all leads to a healthier executive.

Best Practice Programs

Our programs are end-to-end solutions where EHS performs, manages and tracks the individual’s health program progress. The program begins with a detailed health assessment and then the individual is triaged into an appropriate health management program which is determined by the results of the assessment.

EHS offers ongoing care at every step of the program; liasing with specialists, coordinating health management program involvement and ensuring that GP referrals are acted upon. The bookings, invoicing and management of the program is performed by EHS, removing any burden from the participant.

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EHS data shows...36% of executives have 3 or more health risk factors

(based on 30,000 assessment records)


EHS health assessments provide a high level detailed health screen for your valued but busy executives. These enable a greater chance of the early detection of ill–health and subsequently remove any preventable disruption to the operation of your business. Each assessment includes a consultation with a Medical Practitioner and a lifestyle review with a degree qualified Exercise Physiologist.

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EHS has a number of health management programs designed to help executives achieve their long term health goals. These include: health coaching, nutrition consultations, psychology programs and personal training. 

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