EHS provide comprehensive health assessments and targeted health management programs either as a combined package or as a standalone service. EHS’ combined package (Health Connect) is based on best practice guidelines for health behaviour change.

The EHS Health Connect programs are unique in Australia and bridge the gap between raising an individual’s awareness of their health risks and assisting that individual in implementing long term health behaviour changes.

The program begins with a detailed health assessment and then the individual is triaged into an appropriate health management program which is determined by the results of the assessment.

EHS offers ongoing care at every step of the program; liasing with specialists, coordinating health management program involvement and ensuring that GP referrals are acted upon. The bookings, invoicing and management of the program is performed by EHS, removing any burden from the participant.


The Health Assessment

We perform a range of health assessments to identify the current health status of executives. The findings from these assessments determine the most appropriate strategy to manage and improve the executives health and hence the health of the organisation.

What can be expected from this step?

  • identification and education regarding health risks for the individual
  • discussion with consulting Doctor about findings
  • discussion with Doctor regarding appropriate health management programs
  • appropriate GP or specialist referral and follow up of issues identified
  • comprehensive health profile report for the individual
  • aggregated report for the company detailing health profile of executives.

Health Management Programs

EHS health management programs are aimed at empowering individuals to make sustainable long term health behaviour changes. Depending on the findings from the assessment, GP’s recommend that the individual participates in one of our intervention programs: health coaching, nutrition, psychology or personal training. EHS will manage the process required for individuals to participate in the program.

What can be expected from this step?

  • targeted education, encouragement and behaviour change to address health risks
  • individualised program that meets participants needs and stage of readiness to change
  • ongoing support and encouragement.

Ongoing Care

EHS recognises the pertinence of ongoing care to ensure that each participant gets the most from their program. As such we are committed to:

  • following up all referrals to ensure compliance
  • facilitating urgent referrals to only the very best specialists in the country
  • our Medical Director, Dr Mark Penny reviewing significant cases and seeking specialist advice when required
  • identifying those individuals who do not access their health report so contact can be made to determine if they would like their report in another format
  • providing a follow up call by an experienced Health Coach to Premium participants to review results and assist with action plans
  • providing a follow up call by the attending Exercise Physiologist to Classic participants to discuss identified risks and answer any queries with the report.

81% of executives are considering changing their diet
due to their EHS assessment (based on 2500 feedback)

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